About us

A Team dedicated to support foreign patients

Organizing and receiving medical treatment in a foreign country can be complex and can generate anxiety.  There are administrative and logistical issues to be managed.  Distance and language barriers increase the feeling of isolation.

IMM welcomes every year hundreds of patients from across the world with one goal in mind, provide the highest quality of care leveraging latest innovations and highly experienced medical teams. We are therefore well equipped and organized to understand and satisfy the needs of international patients often by themselves in a country or city they do not know.

A dedicated team, made of a Physician, a Patient assistant, Care Managers, Care Coordinators and Administrative Support is in place to assist the requirements and expectations of such patients.

The main responsibilities of this team are:

  • Helping with the consolidation of documents and medical reports needed to have a complete review of the case by our doctors;
  • Providing treatment proposal suited to the pathology and conditions of the patient;
  • Supporting in the administrative formalities needed to get a visa;
  • Organizing the complete care pathway including making appointments and transfers between sites or structures;
  • Human support during critical appointments when patients might not wish to be alone;
  • Organizing the return home, and scheduling follow-up exams and appointments if needed;
  • Giving access to a full range of concierge services from assistance to finding non-medical accommodation and transportation, getting medications, finding interpreters, organizing stays for relatives or family.

How to make an appointment at IMM:

Contact us by phone at +33 1 76 49 13 00

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM CET

Or via our website:


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Introducing the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

“Excellence and innovation in patient care”

Located at the southern edge of Paris (in the 14th arrondissement), near Montsouris Park, the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris  is a multidisciplinary hospital well known for its medical and surgical care for serious and complex diseases, specifically cancerous, cardiovascular, functional and chronic illnesses.
The Hospital also has a recognised maternity unit and an adolescent psychiatry centre.
The Institut Mutualiste Montsouris has 460 beds spread across 55,000 sq.m., and every year it receives over 35,000 patient stays, provides 160,000 consultations, and performs more than 15,000 surgical operations.
As with all public establishments, the IMM displays and applies the charter of non-observance of religion.

Care quality and safety

At the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, our approach to quality focuses on the patient—how the patient is received, continuity of care, preventing accidents, combatting infections and pain, keeping the patient informed, respecting his/her rights, safety, listening to the patient, etc.
All IMM professionals are committed to quality of care.
It is this constant concern, shared by all of us, that helps us to maintain the quality and safety of care we provide to our patients. It draws heavily on continuously measured indicators (satisfaction questionnaires given to patients when they leave, claim letters, telephone enquiries, audits, etc.).

Our care offer

The Institut Mutualiste Montsouris treats adult diseases by medical and surgical methods and everything we do is aimed at offering you quality services and care, through:
skilled and experienced teams: qualified staff who maintain their skills with continuous training: full-time staff providing 24-hour continuity of multidisciplinary care and services: working in close collaboration.
advanced equipment always kept up to the latest standards.
constant attention to preventing and combatting hospital-acquired infections with the Comité de Lutte contre les Infections nosocomiales (CLIN) (Hospital-Acquired Infections Committee).
-a systematic principle of minimising transfusions.
-continuous quality improvement through reflection and practice.

The skills and motivation of the medical and surgical teams have led to IMM’s being recognised as one of the best health facilities in the country.

Multidisciplinary care

The hospital is organised into clinical and medico-technical departments, each led by a practising head of department: You will benefit from the wide range of therapeutic strategies of each department and will also benefit from a multidisciplinary approach thanks to the high levels of co-operation between the departments.

Thinking innovatively about care

The Institut Mutualiste Montsouris devotes considerable resources to research, technology and innovation. Examples include precursors to: – surgical robots; gastrointestinal laparoscopy; and video-assisted thoracic surgery. We have complete technically advanced technical facilities, an experimental research laboratory (IMM Research), a tumour bank, a Department of Clinical Research, and more.
Our up-to-date technical facilities, our size (we are not so large as to be remote), and the quality of our patient services and care make of the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris a hospital that is both innovative and fit for today’s demands.

Outpatient surgery

Surgeons make every effort today to devise and develop minimally invasive procedures for the comfort of the patient. These are operating techniques that minimise surgical trauma from incisions. Post-operative pain is less, recovery is faster, and patients are in hospital and immobilised for less time.