Your Hospital Stay

Welcome to the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

In order to welcome you in the best possible conditions and to provide you with the service best adapted to your situation, IMM has put in place a special unit and an assistance dedicated to international patients.

We know that hospitalization far from your home generates special needs. That is why a dedicated English-speaking team is here to support you and answer any queries you may have concerning your treatment but also concerning other related and ancillary services :

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Translation
  • Provision of documents for administrative purposes or your insurance company, etc.

You can contact this special unit from :

This unit is at your disposal and will be able to assist you, guide you and indicate to you how best way to use the organization and the partnerships that we have put in place to make your stay more pleasant and easier.

You can also find additional information on the « international patients » website accessible on or directly on

Results of the IMM certification can be consulted on the HAS website. IMM has been certified B. A new certification visit will be held in 2021.


    1. The documents you need to bring with you and the estimate
      • An photo identification (ID card, passport)
      • With your validated estimate, the approval by an international insurance covering your hospital costs or a transfer order of your bank
      • Your convocation letter for the hospitalization
      • Your address, telephone number, email

      A cost estimate can be made upon request. The average time between the deposit of a complete dossier and the response is under 3 working days.

      NB : If a cost estimate has not been validated before your hospitalization at IMM, the administrative department will ask you to pay a down-payment of 2000 € for one day in the out-patient department and 10 000 € for the other hospital stays, while awaiting the estimation of your stay.

    2. Your medicines
      If you are taking medicines at home, prescribed by one or several physicians or of your own initiative, please let the doctor know during your consultation or upon arrival in the hospitalization unit.
      Remember to get all your prescriptions so that the doctor who is going to treat you has full knowledge of all the treatments prescribed.


Please go to the reception desk which will validate your admission and will direct you to the department where you are to be hospitalized, if all the administrative formalities have been fulfilled.

    1. Telephone, television, internet
      You can then open your access to the telephone, television and internet by going to the Press Kiosque at the cafeteria on the 1st floor.
    2. Visits
      Each department has its own visiting hours. They will be communicated to you upon your arrival. In any case, they are to allow both for the patients to be able to rest and for the pleasure of receiving family and friends
    3. The healthcare and cartering teams
      The healthcare team will deal with you in a personalized manner in order to define with you the objectives of the treatment and re-adaptation which will allow you to regain your autonomy as early as possible. Each professional interacting with you is identified by a special dress-code and a personal badge. This will allow you to know their name , their function and facilitate your exchanges.
    4. Comfort – Services
      A concierge service is available with our partner C3 MEDICAL (interpretation, transportation service, hospitality, catering, rental, transfers), telephone 01 76 49 13 00 or
      If you are in a single room, you can ask for an extra bed (within the limits of the availability of beds).
    5. Pain management
      Preventing and alleviating your pain as best as possible is a commitment of the entire medical team. IMM has a team specialized in pain management. Do not hesitate to talk about it to your referring doctor, to the nurses treating you.
    6. Resistance to certain antibiotics
      If you are or have been infected by a bacteria known for its resistance to several antibiotics (called Multi-drug resistant bacteria), inform the medical team as early as possible so that an adapted treatment can be put in place.
    7. Security
      All the rooms are equipped with a safe-deposit box but it is recommended to avoid bringing any valuables with you.
      IMM is not responsible for theft committed in the rooms. If you are in a single-occupancy room and if you need to temporarily leave your room, do inform the nursing staff who will lock your room.
    8. Confidentiality
      The hospital is under the obligation to make sure that the information concerning you remains confidential. All the professionals who work at the IMM are bound by the obligation of confidentiality.
    9. Right to information and informed consent
      No medical intervention or treatment can be carried-out without the free and informed consent of the patient. You have the right to be informed about the state of your health whenever you wish. This information must include tests, treatments as well as their usefulness, their effects and their potential risks. All your medical information collected by IMM is kept in your «patient file».
    10. Place of Worship
      IMM respects the opinions and beliefs of its patients. A meditation room is accessible by all the patients twenty-four hours a day on the ground-floor (near the consultations). A minister or spiritual advisor can come to your bedside. You may simply express this wish to the medical staff. Their telephone number is also broadcast by way of information on the television of the rooms of IMM.
    11. Meals
      – Breakfast is served between 8:00am and 8:30 am (except if you need to do tests on an empty stomach).
      – Lunch is served between 12:00 and 12:30 pm
      – Dinner is served at 7:00 pm.

If you have specific eating habits, it is advised to mention it upon your arrival in the department to the nursing staff.


Once you have received your treatment, the doctor will authorize your discharge and your return home, depending on your state of health.  The doctor will provide a hospitalization report  as well an operation report, if need be for your physicians. If necessary and upon request, this report is available in English.

Invoicing: The invoicing department will send you the final version of the invoice. If the invoice is lower than the original estimate, IMM will reimburse you. If the amount is higher, you will have to pay the additional cost.

Quality at IMM
A satisfaction questionnaire will be sent to you by e-mail after your discharge. This document is very important because it allows us to take into account your comments on the conditions of your stay. We kindly request you to complete it, it will only take a few minutes of your time.


During your care pathway,  you may need an interpreter to assist you in your communication with the medical or paramedical staff  of the hospital. IMM has put at your disposal a translation service. Whatever be your language, you may have free access to an interpreter by telephone during consultation or appointment. It is also possible to avail of the physical presence of the interpreter. This is a chargeable service , it is necessary to place your request 48 hours in advance with the international task team.

Concierge services

We have at your disposal a list of partners for accommodation  with whom we have negotiated preferential conditions ( patient’s homes, hotels, appart’hotels).
We have selected them for their geographical location, their professionalism and the quality of their services.

To make your life easier during or before your stay, we also propose concierge services. Be it for the reservation of a taxi or an ambulance , an apartment or a hotel room (to organize your stay or those accompanying you outside of the hospital), take an appointment with a doctor or a medical test centre outside of your care pathway, to buy medicines, or to accompany you in your administrative procedures, our partner C3Medical is there to accompany you. To contact them and to learn more about their offer and conditions, all you need to do is call    +33 1 76 49 13 00 or by email